I’m looking for…

The divorced mother trying to do all the things. You’re tired, you feel overwhelmed, and you fear your children deserve better than you can provide.

The woman still suffering from the toxic effects of childhood trauma, unsure of whether or not she will ever look at life any differently.

The woman feeling discouraged because she’s working so hard for her family, yet each month, she realizies she’s barely making ends meet.

The woman suffering from abuse of any kind: spousal, parental, familial, professional, or through a friendship.

The woman who just discovered that her best friend, the one who knows her deepest, darkest secrets, is a fraud.

The divorced mother trying to Co-parent with her ex in a healthy way but feels sick to her stomach every time she has to communicate with him.

The woman who is so burnt out and dissatisfied in her career that it’s becoming difficult to even get out of bed in the morning.

The woman who has lost interest in things that used to bring her joy.

The mother who desperately wants to spend more time with her children but is always traveling for work.

The woman who runs herself into the ground keeping busy because she just can’t face her past traumas.

The woman holding herself back in her career because deep down she is scared of success.

The woman who can’t seem to get out of the belly of the whale but knows it’s time.

The woman suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, or all of them combined.

The single woman who, despite her best intentions, continues to make unhealthy dating decisions.

The woman who has neglected her friendships  for years because she has worked so hard for her family her entire life. She feels so alone.

The woman who drinks too much, eats too much, or can’t bring herself to eat much at all because she is overwhelmed with life.

The woman who is devastated because she knows her marriage is failing despite the fact that she’s been in marriage counseling for an entire year.

The newly single woman trying to re-define her life and figure out who she is.

The woman who knows deep down she’s made for more, but what exactly is it??

The woman who is Co-dependent on other people’s decisions.

The woman who had no choice but to break up her family and just can’t seem to shake the guilt from having done so.

The single mom who is lonely and feels she may never find new love.

Girl, I see you. I’ve been there. And I’m confident I can help you through it.

I believe in you.



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