I stumbled upon this Stages of Grief horseshoe the other day. I hadn’t seen it in years but instantly recognized it.

I decided to look through it again.

I remember the last time I had seen this, I in the “loneliness, depression, and re-entry troubles” stages. Yes, it’s absolutely possible to be in several stages at a time. As we move through these, we often find they come in clusters shortly after experiencing just one of these stages.

As I studied and re-introduced myself to this horseshoe, I was surprised to see that “helping others” was the end stage. I guess when I was in those earlier stages, I didn’t pay much attention to the penultimate stage.

This solidified in my mind what I already knew to be true, but it always helps to “see it on paper”.

I’m ready to help others. In fact, it’s my drive. And I’m pleased to say that THIS horseshoe is so in synch with the two classes I’m about to launch.

If you see yourself somewhere in this horseshoe, stay tuned. What I have to offer just might be the answer to the completion of your journey through this shoe.