Do you have a person in your life who will never attempt to “save you” by telling you what you want to hear, or reassuring you for no reason other than the fact that they love you? Someone who will 100% tell you when you gotta shape up?

I’ve got that in my dad. Oh boy, do I ever! That’s kinda par for the course with probation officers. 🤣

My dad has always been the first to point out when I need to be corrected and when I need to stand up for myself.

Both those things. Equally.

Tonight, my old man helped me remember who I am. Without a shadow of a doubt. And validated everything I already knew to be true about myself.

People might take advantage of you. Sometimes when you’ve been through the ringer and are extra succeptible to accepting what you know in your heart is most certainly not the case, you need a guy like this to remind you exactly who you are. And validate the hell out of you.

To my old man, Steve Edman. I tried thanking him tonight, and he said “Wth are you thanking me for—reminding you of who you are?’”

Yes, Pa. Actually, I am.

Love you, Dad. 😊💕