Manifestation is a very real thing. In fact, there’s been many studies on why/how it works, which I’ll save you the details about here. 😆

What I think I can share in order to best serve you for taking the time to consider this fact is this: If there’s something you truly want in life, put it out to the universe, to God, to your higher power, to your higher self—whomever this is for you.

In late September, I started using a daily journal each morning with two kinds of prompts:

-The first five ask me to list things I am grateful for.
Why gratitude first?? Because we have to first GIVE (in this case, we’re giving thanks) before we can ask to receive. Very important.
-The second 10 ask me to list dreams I made happen.
💜Note!! The “dreams I made happen” are not meant to be things I had yet achieved but rather things I WANT or COMMIT to writing down that I am GOING TO achieve.

Guys, in less than TWO months, I’ve achieved three out of those 10 dreams, and let me tell you, all three of them I really didn’t feel super confident I’d achieve.

I’m completely serious when I say this: When you make an honest attempt to quiet your analytical mind and instead concentrate on what your body, heart, and soul want, IGNORING the automatic backlash of limiting beliefs your mind will undoubtedly throw your way, you can achieve things you never thought possible.

Get what I just said there? You can achieve things you never THOUGHT possible. Again, quiet the mind.

Indeed, quiet the mind. It’s been programmed for safety and analyzation. Yes, it is here to keep us safe. But don’t let your own damn head talk you out of what you can do and want to do. That’s not what the mind is here for.

Also, as hard as this can be, try to quiet the opinions of others. Most people are just giving advice from the perspective of the mind.

Most people haven’t given manifestation a fair try and have already decided it’s fluff.

Have you?

You do you. 🙏🏼💜