Let’s talk about disappointment for a hot second.
You all know I’m a positive person. In fact, Positivity is my number one Clifton Strength.

I spent the better part of Saturday preparing a presentation for Wednesday morning for my coaching business. I had worked VERY diligently at it, choosing to ignore my kids that entire day so I could create it (you should have seen my house after the fact lol). I put myself first for that day, and I told myself I shouldn’t feel guilty about it because I was creating something that was going to give us all big RESULTS in my business.

Monday I prepped for the trip, packed, packed food and clothes for the kids for the following day, bought groceries for the following week as I knew I wouldn’t have the time to do so after I got home from the trip, got the kids to bed early so they wouldn’t be bears for their caretaker early the next morning, and got myself some good sleep.

Tuesday morning, I was supposed to be on an airplane for a three-day intensive mastermind event with my coach. It would have been life-changing for my mindset and my business.

The plane was delayed, and there was no way to make my connection to Boise. All later flights were full. I had no choice but to cancel the trip.

Guys, to me, this is like missing Christmas. Or perhaps a Metallica show. 😜

My coach and mastermind peeps said “There’s a reason this happened. It’ll present itself in time”. I kept waiting for that reason to present itself, and then today it finally did.

Guys, this was a test. The universe was asking me to make sure that I’m truly ready to lead others through struggles.

I took this pic and sent it to my coach after pulling back into my garage. As you can see, I’m kinda on the brink of tears here.

I realized this was a test once I reflected on my actions since learning that damn plane wasn’t gonna go, and here’s what I’ve observed about myself:

1. I was very kind to the attendant who tried to work with me to get to Boise. I assured her it’s not her fault when she apologized to me for the inconvenience, and I told her not to take any negativity that might come through that line of disappointed people she’s gonna have to try to accommodate personally.

2. I found my luggage and asked the attendant to card me to be sure it’s mine. She appreciated that.

3. I called my mom on my way back home from the airport and laughed at my luck.

4. I paid the $4 parking fee my car had incurred during this process and giggled.

5. I called my bestie and mentor and took her up on her offer to meet me Thursday morning to give her that damn presentation I was gonna miss.

6. I surprised my girls by picking them up at school that day. I took them to their favorite restaurant that evening and enjoyed their little selves.

7. I taught my previously canceled piano lessons.

8. I popped into the girls’ school today just to say hello and made my 8 year old’s day by doing so.

9. I reached out to a fellow entrepreneur and friend, treated her to dinner, and helped her with some business building stuff.

10. I took three boot camp classes and two yoga classes to keep my positivity in check.

11. Two people caught me and reached out to me with personal stories of struggle. Never saw it coming.

And it’s currently only Friday evening.

Positivity is a choice. Making the best of our situation is also a choice.

After having a meltdown two weekends ago, I was afraid I had failed. I felt like a fraud.

I’m not. I had a human experience.

I missed this trip because God/the universe wanted to remind me of that fact. And how much I’ve truly changed as a result of MY own hard work.

I feel pretty good about it all. 💜