Wondering why a good skincare routine is so important? Read on for some interesting, eye-opening facts. 😊

#1: Your skin is the largest organ in your body, covering roughly 22 square feet! The second largest organ? The liver.

#2: You control 80-90% of your skin’s destiny. The rest is up to genetics.

#3: You start aging at age 20. At age 25, collagen levels start to deplete.

#4: It’s very unusual for your skin to “get used to” the beneficial effects of good skincare products. If you’re getting desired results, keep using them unless your condition changes.

#5: Botox does not permanently prevent wrinkles. If you choose this route to combat the effects of aging, you (and your pocketbook) will have to keep it up.

#6: Skincare applied in the wrong order is basically useless. For example, applying a serum AFTER a moisturizer will do nothing for you because moisturizers are made to create a barrier on the skin.

#7: You need to use different products at night. During the day, your skin is in “protection mode”, and at night, it’s no longer defending itself from pollution and light, so regenerative and restorative products with peptides and vitamins are the way to go at night.

Thankfully, our doctors have created regimens and enhancements with these facts in mind. Our regimens are easy to use because the docs have taken the guesswork out of them, labeling each step 1, 2, 3, and 4 so that you know exactly how to use them. The doctors know that Multi-med therapy (the right ingredients in the right formulations applied in the correct order) is the key to combating the signs of aging.

Now’s the time to get started.

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